Investment and infrastructure

Developing critical assets and infrastructure to support the region's growth

What's the plan?

Our plan for the North East is to create 100,000 jobs by 2024. To achieve this, significant development is required within the region to enable the supply of land and critical infrastructure. Housing, employment sites, transport and digital infrastructure will all need to be developed.

Investment in our economic assets and infrastructure will support the development of our key employment strengths and clusters, accommodate the changing structure of the economy, foster innovation and deliver the housing required for our changing population. 

Creating and sustaining great places to live, work and visit will require a balance to be struck between protecting our environment and accelerating development.  Our aim is to invest in attractive, inclusive and sustainable living and to progressively move to a low carbon environment.

How are we delivering the plan?

We will deliver the development of economic assets and infrastructure through three main programmes.


What is the North East Combined Authority (NECA)?

You can find out more about the North East Combined Authority on their website.

What are Enterprise Zones?

Enterprise Zones are designated employment sites across England that provide financial benefits to businesses which locate on them.  They are great places to locate businesses especially for both new and expanding firms. You can find out more about the Enterprise Zones in the North East LEP area here.

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