North East Primary Benchmark

Your opportunity to be involved in a pioneering careers pilot programme specifically developed for primary schools.

We are delighted to have secured investment to run a Primary Benchmarks pilot programme. This pilot builds on the success of our Good Career Guidance benchmark pilot in secondary schools. This pilot was recognised as transformational, was championed by government and led the way nationally for a new approach to careers guidance. We are determined that our North East primary schools will be at the forefront of national developments of an effective early careers programme.

We know that young people begin to form their first aspirations aged three to four years old, by the age of six they are beginning to form opinions about what they cannot do. By aged 10 young people are beginning to make career limiting decisions, which solidify by aged 14. It is critical that we develop a programme that will demonstrate to our young people the opportunities and that are available to them and help them to realise that anything is possible.

We want to raise aspirations and inspire positive attitudes to the world of work from an early age and to ensure that primary schools have access to the support and tools they need to achieve this.

We are looking to work with, support and invest in 70 primary schools from across the North East LEP area that includes Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside Northumberland, Sunderland and South Tyneside local authorities.

If you are interested in this pilot, please contact [email protected]

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