Trigeneration Recovery Efficient Energy Storage (TREES)

Renewable low grade heat, such as geothermal and solar thermal sources, is of increasing interest to support the energy mix. The TREES concept to be demonstrated in this project is a highly disruptive and versatile energy system and the IP has been protected to aid future commercialisation. This is a zero carbon emission solution based on thermochemical sorption technology providing combined thermal and electrical energy storage and the delivery of heating, cooling and/or electrical power in one integrated system. It has potential to substantially reduce fossil fuel consumption and energy demand in a wide range of applications. The theoretical foundation of the TREES concept has been proven in previous research projects through modelling and laboratory experimentation. Hence the technological know-how and understanding of each system component required to deliver this project and to demonstrate the technical feasibility of the TREES system has already been acquired.




Collaboration led by Bnc Engineering Solutions Limited, Durham University, Newcastle University and Reece Innovation Centre Ltd