Tyne Pressure Testing

Tyne Pressure Testing is a dedicated pressure testing facility located in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Tyne Pressure Testing is a joint venture between British Engines and Newcastle University, pioneering the link between industry and academia.

In addition to the knowledge and expertise of our engineering professionals, our clients benefit from access to readily available research from one of the UK’s leading learning institutes, Newcastle University.

Testing facilities include:

  • Service and Research to the Power, Nuclear, Defence and Oil & Gas Sectors;
    • Hyperbaric (up to 15,000 metres), one of the world’s largest chambers.
    • Hydrostatic, Gas & Endurance testing
    • High and Cryogenic Temperature (-160℃ to +250℃)
    • Product qualification/verification, certification and factory acceptance testing (FAT); API 6D, API 6DSS, API 6A, API 17D, API 17F, API PR2
    • Destructive testing
    • Control system testing including Flushing
    • Buoyancy loss testing
    • Bespoke testing services, including Assembly facilities.
  • Part of the British Engines group based in the North East with access to:
    • Extensive experience, research and development in cable termination and containment in safety critical environments
    • Valve environmental and fugitive emissions testing
    • Hydrodynamic bearing solutions for the Power, Nuclear and Defence sectors
    • Specialised sub-contract machining facilities for the Nuclear, Defence, Aerospace, Power, Oil and Gas sectors.

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