Kickstart Scheme

Helping employers to create work placements for young people

Helping employers to create work placements for young people

Government’s new Kickstart Scheme is designed to help employers create new, six-month job placements for young people who are currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment.

Find out more about the Kickstart Scheme here.

The Kickstart Scheme in the North East

In the North East LEP region, our aim is to create high-quality placements which give young people the opportunity to develop the skills, confidence and knowledge that will help them to secure long term employment.

We are aiming to create themed clusters of placements and will be selecting opportunities that can be grouped together and that offer a quality experience for young people.

How to apply

For businesses that are creating 30 or more placements:

Apply for funding through the Kickstart Scheme here.

For businesses that are creating fewer than 30 placements:

If you’re creating fewer than 30 job placements, the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) can act as a Kickstart gateway, applying for a Kickstart Scheme grant on your behalf.

We will:

  • gather information from you about the job placements you’d like to offer
  • use this information to submit an online application on behalf of a group of employers
  • pass on the relevant payments made by DWP to you (for example the young person’s salary)

Simply complete the following form and we will submit and review your application when we have registered 30 vacancies.

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