Scheme provides benefits for westbound traffic and removes current capacity restrictions on this stretch of A191, improving access to employment including DWP sites and Quorum Business Park.

The A191 Corridor scheme involves junction improvements along A191 Whitley Road including A191 Whitley Road/B1317 Station Road junction and the widening of Whitley Road from Tyne View Park to Coach Lane. The scheme complements the previously delivered A188 Four Lane Ends Pinch Point Scheme and the Local Growth Fund A19 Employment Corridor scheme.

The completed scheme provides benefits to westbound traffic and is expected to help to enable the full development of Quorum Business Park and increased occupancy of the DWP sites at Benton Park View and Tyne View Park.

Project Timeline

Pipeline - 2015
Start of feasibility and business case development
In progress - 2016
Project approved and in construction phase
Complete - 2018
Project live and construction complete
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