Building of a combined heat and power network to allow on-site generation, distribution and consumption of heat and power on the Newcastle Helix site.

The proposed project provides a unique opportunity in the city to develop a first of a kind project in the UK through the integration of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and associated heat network with a smart development. The energy centre will be integrated with the smart electricity grid, smart meters and on-site electrical energy storage to allow the generation, distribution and consumption of heat and power to be closely monitored and managed. The Newcastle Helix development is in the vanguard of UK ‘Smart’ developments, providing a significant opportunity to showcase Newcastle Helix as a demonstration project that exemplifies the benefits of smart energy systems.

The delivery of a long-term innovative energy solution for the Newcastle Helix site has been a key requirement since the original site vision and master planning was first developed. This project will enable the delivery of the Energy Centre and heat network at a relatively early stage of the Newcastle Helix project, enabling further commercial development without delays.

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Project Timeline

In progress - 2015
Start of feasibility and business case development
In progress - 2016
Project approved and in construction phase
In progress - 2018
Project expected to be live in 2019
Complete - 2020
Official opening on 15 January 2020
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