Traffic improvements to ease congestion and improve traffic flows at the Arches junction.

The Arches junction is located at the junction of the A194 and the A185, two of South Tyneside’s key strategic road corridors. The scheme will convert the existing roundabout to traffic signals and a partial gyratory layout with all movements maintained will be adopted. The scheme will reduce traffic congestion at the junction and have a positive impact on air quality. Improvements to the junction will benefit key regional economic opportunities, such as Port of Tyne and IAMP, and the Nissan plant and its supply chain, it will also facilitate more local development such as the regeneration of South Shields town centre.

Project Timeline

Pipeline - 2015
Start of feasibility and business case development
In progress - 2016
Project approved and in construction phase
In progress - 2018
Project expected to be live in 2019
Complete - 2019
Completed March 2019
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