School leaver programmes offer a balance between work and study, with long term placements offering the chance to earn while you learn.

Pupils who are moving on from Year 13 can choose to take part in a school leaver programme, which enables you to work towards a qualification while working in a related job and receiving a salary.

For example, you could work at an accountancy firm and study for your accountancy qualifications at the same time. Or gain real-life experience of working in an engineering firm while you study part-time.

There are lots of different school leaver programmes available with all sorts of businesses. With some, you will work full time and then take a year out to study, while others combine part time studying with part time work experience – so there is something to suit nearly everyone.

Another advantage of these programmes is that your course is funded by the employer, so you will be able to gain a qualification without having to pay tuition fees.

A school leaver programme can also make you a very strong candidate when it comes to future job interviews, as you will have valuable on-the-job training and experience.

Programmes vary in length, but most last for between three and seven years.

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Take a look at employers’ websites to see if they offer a school leaver programme.