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North East LEP reaffirms business leadership commitment to economic growth

In the wake of Brexit and uncertainty surrounding devolution, the Chair of the North East LEP Andrew Hodgson, has reaffirmed the organisation’s commitment to leading strategic economic growth in the North East in a letter to Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, saying strong business-led governance and board representation should give the Government confidence to allocate new funding to the region.

Andrew Hodgson said the LEP’s experienced and effective board will provide the leadership required to sustain and build upon the economic growth of the last six years.

“It is now more important than ever, post-Brexit and with uncertainty around devolution in the North East, that business leadership through the North East LEP is front and centre of this agenda for the region.

“It has been an unsettling time for many North East businesses following local devolution decisions and I would like to take this opportunity to inform the Government that the North East LEP remains committed to continuing to deliver for all our stakeholders,” said Andrew Hodgson.

“We are keen to ensure that business leadership and engagement remain at the heart of strategic economic growth.”

Mr Hodgson said the North East had a proven track record of fund management and delivery and that the LEP board remained focused on achieving the Strategic Economic Plan’s aim of delivering 100,000 more and better jobs.

“We have submitted an evidenced and focused programme for Local Growth Fund Round Three and are committed to ensuring that business-led strategic investment decisions are made to enable the strategic economic growth of the North East.

“The current robust governance structure and audited assurance framework for Local Growth Funding provides Government with the confidence to continue to allocate funding to the North East LEP in the current round.”

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NASA Speaking at VRTGO 2016

VRTGO 2016, Europe’s leading virtual reality conference, has announced that NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) will be speaking at this year’s event.

Carri Cunliffe, VRTGO Director, said: “We are eager to hear more about how JPL is using VR, AR and MR. They are renowned for using technology in innovative ways and pushing the boundaries of what it can achieve.”

VRTGO will take place on 9 November 2016 at Baltic, Centre for Contemporary Art. Delegates will hear from leading VR experts and VR buyers on the future of VR and experience cutting edge technology used for serious applications such as automotive, modelling, training and marketing, as well as in the ever popular gaming world.

Doug Ellison, a producer in JPL’s Opslab will be speaking about some of the lab’s recent work using mixed reality. ProtoSpace and OnSight are two key projects that have enabled engineers and scientists to engage with their content in innovative yet intuitive ways. A public spin-off from OnSight, called Destination Mars, will open at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida, this autumn.

In Destination Mars, visitors will explore several sites on Mars, reconstructed using real imagery from NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover, which has been exploring the Red Planet since August 2012. Buzz Aldrin, an Apollo 11 astronaut, and Erisa Hines, a Mars Rover Driver serve as “holographic tour guides” on the journey.

“Destination Mars will be the first large roll out of an MR project in a visitor attraction setting, we can’t wait to see how the public respond to using cutting edge exploration tools to walk on the red planet. I’m looking forward to sharing the lessons we learn with the VR community,” said Doug Ellison.

“The language of UX and UI in the VR world is still emerging and evolving. Meeting other creators in the space is a vital part of defining that language so that our users become familiar and comfortable with these amazing new technologies.”

If you are interested in hearing more from JPL and other world class VR speakers sign up for VRTGO 2016 www.vrtgo.co.uk

VRTGO is a leading European Conference based in the UK and produced by Secret Sauce.