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Thinking of starting a business – are you crazy?

Colin Bell, Business Growth Director at the North East LEP, looks at why right now might just be the right time to take the leap and launch a high potential startup.

We are in lockdown, demand has been extinguished, we are going to enter a recession that makes the financial crash look like a pussycat and you are thinking of starting a business?

“What on earth are you thinking about – the lock down has made you crazy,” would be a typical and perhaps understandable response.

Entrepreneurs however see things differently. They make quick sense of ambiguity, they see opportunity, they see areas of demand, they see new problems that need to be solved, they see an opportunity to draw together disparate resources to create something new, something exciting, something that will make the world a better place.

At times like these an entrepreneur’s mind is in overdrive, their levels of energy are through the roof – it’s their time to make something special happen!

If you find yourself strangely energised by the current situation, if you are coming up with new ideas and see a route through the confusion, then the chances are you are an entrepreneur and perhaps there has never been a better time to start a new business.

We’re about to launch the next cohort of High Potential Startups, a programme of support which can help you grow, develop and test your ideas and connect you with the support and resources required to get your business off the ground.

Now delivered virtually, we’re looking for expressions of interest right now, so why not take the leap and visit www.highpotentialstartups.co.uk for more information.