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Across the North East, advanced manufacturing is globally focused with strong clusters in automotive and pharmaceuticals. We manufacture automotive products including passenger cars, trains and heavy off-road vehicles and a range of parts and components. Our medicines cluster is established over many years with a range of business models and international investments.

Substantial growth potential lies in international trade and investment, as well as local supply chains. Collectively, our manufacturing industries represent a significant opportunity to deliver higher productivity by innovating in high level engineering; from design to manufacturing and from the application of number of knowledge and innovation assets.

Managing risks as we leave the European Union requires UK policy to enable just-in-time production and frictionless trade.

Opportunities for the sector include encouraging the adoption of next generation digital technologies, The Automotive Sector Deal, the continued investment in Enterprise Zones to attract new businesses, and the North East consortium seeking funding to deliver the Driving the Electrical Revolution programme.


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economy in 2017.


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area’s GVA and
11.3% of employment.


510,000 vehicles and 325000
engines are produced in the North – one in three cars and 26% of all electric vehicles produced in the UK.

The key companies operating within the sector:

Key progress against plan

Continued investment in Enterprise Zones and new infrastructure is attracting advanced manufacturing businesses to the region.

The nationally significant International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP) will become a hub for automotive, advanced manufacturing and technology businesses, and is expected to support 7,000 jobs.

Driving the North East tech industry is:

Emerging Infrastructure


Centre for Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing (CESAM)

CESAM is a proposed facility that will accelerate process innovation and enable a shift towards industrial digitisation for advanced manufacturers. The CESAM partnership aims to secure funding and be on site by 2020.


The Stephenson Challenge

A North East-led consortium is focused on securing funding to deliver the Stephenson Challenge programme. This will position the North East as a global leader in the development of power electronics, machines and drives.


International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP)

A £500 million development; IAMP is strategically located near Nissan to house major international
supply chain companies and create over 5,000 jobs by 2024.

Transforming manufacturing with innovative technology

Adopting effective management practices, to keep pace with the changing technological environment


What are the challenges for the sector?


Lower levels of productivity

This will be addressed through the North East Industrial Strategy, which will be published in 2020.

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Responsible for development of the North East Strategic Economic Plan and the North East areas of strategic importance along with strengthened coordination of North East partners in the context of the Northern Powerhouse.

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