The story so far...

We want the North East to be a place of work and opportunity. Today, our region is a fast growing and diverse economy with passionate and skilled people, a high quality location for business and a hive of science and innovation.

Our vibrant digital community is one of the most productive and fastest developing in the UK, across industry and public services.


We have over
IT & digital employees in the North East.


creative industries employees.


to the northern
ICT economy.

To continue growing the sector so significantly and meet our overall target of 100,000 more and better jobs by 2024, it is essential businesses in the digital sector respond to change, address challenges head on, and seize the opportunities. In June 2018, there had been 62,500 more jobs created and 78% of these were better jobs. This means we still have a way to go.

The region provides a strong business support ecosystem and hosts a volume of vibrant and established digital networks, organisations and events.

To find out more, visit the North East Growth Hub.

Driving the North East digital industry is:


National Innovation Centre for Data

Enabling the region to play a pivotal role in responding to the government’s grand challenge of growing the Artificial Intelligence and Data-Driven Economy.


X3 Centre at Proto

Specialising in XR, 3D character capture and motion capture it is home to some of the region’s most trailblazing businesses and offers contemporary office and co-working space.


Centre for Innovation and Growth

A catalyst for interaction on a local, national, and international scale where innovation is practised with industrial teams to develop solutions and identify new technologies

Digital transformation across all sectors

More businesses than before require expertise from the digital sector.


What are the challenges for the sector?


People & Skills

Finding people with the right skills and acquiring them.



We must maintain funding to keep up with current momentum of growth.



Preparing to operate in a vastly different business landscape.

What kind of support can I get?


Funding Opportunities


Funding Support Schemes


Digital & Tech Events

Who to get in touch with


A new post has been created at the North East LEP to develop and implement a collaborative digital strategy, supported by a partnership board with committed sector buy in.

If you have any questions or feedback please get in touch:

Laura Partridge
Digital Programme Lead, North East LEP