Get work ready and develop the skills employers are looking for with a traineeship. 

Designed for people aged 16-24, traineeships are education and training programmes that incorporate work experience. They help young people secure an apprenticeship or employment by getting them ‘work ready’.

Every traineeship has three specific elements; high quality work experience with an employer, work preparation training, and Maths and English support.

Traineeships can last anywhere between six weeks and one year, but most traineeships last six months. They’re ideal if you want to get a job, but you don’t have the skills or experience employers are looking for. 

You’ll normally go through a formal job interview with an employer to secure your traineeship and some programmes involve coursework or an exam. 

At the end of your traineeship, you’ll be able to go on to an apprenticeship or look for employment. Some employers may support you to continue your studies or training too.

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