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Are you looking to recruit IT and Developer apprentices?

For some young people a lack of experience in the working world is a significant barrier to finding their first role in the IT industry. The Dynamo Apprentice Hub has been set up to provide an effective starting point for businesses in the North East looking to recruit IT and Developer Apprentices.

For those who lack experience, the Dynamo Apprentice Hub offers the chance to undertake real work that often significantly improves their employment prospects.

There are real benefits to taking on a young person for work experience for your business and for your staff:

• You access a talent pool of well trained, work-ready young people who are keen to learn and develop with your support
• Mentoring a young person from the Dynamo Apprentice Hub in the workplace offers a development opportunity for members of staff looking for management or supervisory experience
• You support employment in your local community. Even if you are not able to offer a full-time apprenticeship for a young person to progress onto, the added value of the work experience you can offer will increase their chances of getting a job significantly

Work experience placements are typically 2-3 weeks, supporting a team with a project or working across different departments depending on your needs.

The training at the Dynamo Apprentice Hub is comprised of a 15-week programme offering an intensive IT skills training course with technical content aimed at preparing young adults for their first role in the IT sector. At the same time, employers are encouraged to get involved by supporting employment training in the hub and providing work experience opportunities for the learners.

Many of the learners at the Dynamo Apprentice Hub will have completed training and will be working towards qualifications from Microsoft and CompTIA in networking principles, providing customer support and software development fundamentals. Where could they help support your business?

There are no costs to you as the employer and there is no obligation to take an apprentice on full time after they have completed their work experience with you. Learners receive a small travel and subsistence allowance as part of the Dynamo Apprentice Hub to cover essential costs.

If you are interested, the next step couldn’t be easier; contact Pippa Gard at Baltic Training Services on 07852 900815 or [email protected].