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Mentoring success for North East company Blue Kangaroo

Since Blue Kangaroo was founded 10 years ago, the creative agency has secured contracts with clients including Disney, Pixar and Lucasfilm, resulting in a period of rapid growth for the business.

Blue Kangaroo works with global entertainment brands on product design, packaging, brand development and retail concepts.

The company’s growth began following a business trip to the USA three years ago, after Managing Director Jason Knights identified a number of opportunities to work directly with the head offices of USA-based clients including Disney.

Jason told us more about why he believes that working with a mentor can add value and benefit a business:

I’m a huge advocate of mentoring. Running a growing business can be a lonely place to be. When you start to see growth it can be a big jump to reach the next level and that’s when you need the support of people who can help and advise you.

I’ve worked with the same mentor for 10 years now and we speak nearly every day. We’re good friends and although we work in completely different industries I can still turn to him for advice when I need it.”

It’s important to find a mentor who you trust and can be open with, but once you’ve found that person it’s invaluable to have someone who’s not involved in your business day to day but who can give you the benefit of their opinion and experience.

I honestly think everyone should give it a try.

If you’ve got the experience of growing a business and are thinking of being a mentor, do it,” said Jason. “It’s just as rewarding to be a mentor as it is to grow your own business.

The North East LEP aims to increase the number of business in the region which make use of mentoring through its recently launched Growth through Mentoring programme. The programme matches business owners with experienced mentors who can help guide them through the journey of scaling up their company.

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