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LGF update: Kibblesworth Village Millenium Centre, Gateshead

Kibblesworth Village Millennium Centre, based in the heart of Kibblesworth in Gateshead, has secured £42,400 to expand its well established Community Centre facilities to create a new enterprise hub for rural businesses.

The Project will see the:-

  • creation of three iconic enterprise pods at the rear of the building;
  • conversion of existing internal space to rent out as one or two offices
  • development of an enterprise lounge and meeting space within the existing Centre.

The enterprise pods will be located in the grounds of the centre creating self-contained working environments. Each pod will accommodate one business.

Existing internal space will also be adapted to create a flexible meeting space and office accommodation with dedicated toilet facilities. The existing communal lounge is being transformed into an area where businesses could meet with clients, facilitate events and host networking events.  The new enterprise hub is due to open with its launch on the 18th March 2016.

Whilst it is early days, there is a growing demand for business space in this area and the scheme will offer the opportunity for existing businesses to expand or new businesses to locate at the site. The project is set to provide 6 jobs and create opportunities for local businesses to network, start or grow.

Norma Bolton, Vice-Chair of Kibblesworth Village Millennium Centre said: “We are delighted and very grateful to the North East Rural Growth Network for the opportunity to provide much-needed space for local businesses. Kibblesworth Village Millennium Centre is at the heart of the community, providing a venue for many local groups, events and activities, so the addition of office and meeting space will bring new opportunities and create new jobs for local residents.”

If you are interested in renting business space and would like more information:- contact Kibblesworth Village Millennium Centre on 0191 411 1193  or email [email protected]