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In conversation: Ammar Mirza CBE discusses the power of 3: Communicate, Collaborate, Celebrate

Business Growth Board member, Ammar Mirza CBE, discusses the power of Communication, Collaboration and Celebration in the run up to the ABC Annual Awards and Dinner.

Odd that when we started planning the ABC Annual Awards and Dinner some months ago I would never have anticipated the world to change so dramatically and drastically.

Yet with only a few days to go until our amazing dinner the criticality of the event is overpowering, the divisiveness within our country and the wider world is so disturbing that this event is not only a must, but it provides for the whole community to come together around a common purpose. Not a common purpose that has been caused by suffering, despair or mayhem, but a common purpose that demonstrates all things that are great in mankind. Recognising and rewarding achievement, appreciating our peers doing well and celebrating the cosmopolitan society that should be the norm.

Last year I was fortunate to be appointed the David Goldman Visiting Professor at Newcastle University by the Goldman family – a hugely successful and devout Jewish family that not only endorsed but wholeheartedly supported my appointment. My inaugural lecture must have been one of the most daunting but exciting speeches I had ever given. A room filled with some of the most intelligent individuals I had ever come across, academics, business and community leaders.

My speech was around the power of 3 and in particular I explored the importance of three key and core principles that when applied would enable success in any activity but more importantly bring individuals and organisations together. The principles whilst simple deliver a profound impact when applied constantly and consistently. They are Communicate, Collaborate and Celebrate. Whilst they may seem straightforward and nothing revolutionary, I wonder what would have happened had they been used in any of the recent worldwide events?

Imagine if there had been better communication within the Referendum, enhanced collaboration that brought people together and even thought towards celebrating the great contribution of all the community. Would the country have been as divided?

With this in mind the ABC Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony that has received incredible support from all sectors and communities will clearly and concisely launch the Federation of Asian Business (FAB) strictly following the three principles of Communicating, Collaborating and Celebrating. FAB brings together three visionary and likeminded organisations from across the North of England to form a collaboration that will ensure effective communication and inspire celebration to help the Northern Powerhouse and our whole community succeed. Yorkshire Asian Business Association, Asian Business Connexions and North West Asian Business Association have come together not only to platform the significant social and economic contribution of the Asian community but to showcase harmonious inclusive community relations .

As such we have three tremendous speakers this Thursday that may not usually share the same stage but I am so glad they are – Northern Powerhouse Minister James Wharton MP, Deputy Commander of the Army North Col. Mike Butterwick and President of Yorkshire Asian Business Association President Ajaz Ahmad – all coming together to Communicate, Collaborate and Celebrate their own achievements alongside a shared vision of making our country better for everyone.

The calibre of the finalists has been nothing short of astounding and I am truly proud of each and every one of their achievements. To be a minority can be a challenge in itself but to then go on and succeed in your individual organisation and sector is to be much admired, however to be a minority and a female and have accomplished so much has to be truly applauded. Nearly 50% of our finalists are Asian women from the public, private and third sectors. This is incredible!

Finally, I want to thank each and every organisation and individual that is attending the dinner and undoubtedly showing that we live in a fair and just society where everyone is encouraged to do well and those that do shine are celebrated regardless of colour, creed or religion. The ABC Annual Dinner and Awards and the launch of FAB could not have come at a better time to pull everyone up together and to push us all forward in the same direction. Love and peace.

Ammar Mirza CBE

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Sponsors include: Microsoft/Giacom, North East LEP, Northumbria Water, HM Residential, Skylight Suite, Gainford Group and LLoyd BMW.

Organisations attending and supporting the event include: Armed Forces, Northumbria Army Cadet Force, Your Homes Newcastle, Quadrant Law, Barclays, Andrew Wilson, Bridge Club, Cairn Group, County Durham Foundation, Evolution LLP, Jeremy4Mayor, Martin and Ann Farrar, Northumbria Police, Square One Law, Transmit Start-ups, Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue, Week2Week Apartments, Dabbawal Restaurant, Sleeper Dorm, Arc Health, Vitality, Rob Earnshaw – Digital City, McDonalds, Kromek Group, Karma Kards, Spice FM, Chai Events, GEMARTS, Councillor David Faulkner, Guy Opperman MP, Trinity Chambers, Northern Britain Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, John Lee, Durham Constabulary, All Solution Construction, Northumberland County Council, Fazal’s Café, SME Centre of Excellence, Word Queen, AMPM247, Kube Law and Ammar Mizra.

Ammar Mirza is the owner and Managing Director of AmmarM (UK) Limited a leading business development, leadership and management consultancy. Ammar also holds a number of other directorships, is a Fellow if the the Institute of Leadership and Management and Royal Society of Arts and is involved in organisations across the public, private and third sectors, including Your Homes Newcastle and the Sunderland Business Improvement District.