Vocational qualifications

Develop real-life skills in a particular job or sector with a vocational qualification.

Vocational qualifications provide people with practical skills and learning that make them suitable for specific job roles or employment in a specific sector of industry. They combine a mix of theory and practical learning and many students take part in work experience too.

You can achieve a vocational qualification in a wide range of subjects and each course is designed to provide the skills needed to either start a job, go on to higher education, or progress further in your chosen career.

Some of the most popular vocational qualifications are BTECs and NVQs, which can be done in schools, colleges and through apprenticeships. 

Courses for vocational qualifications vary in length but tend to be around one – two years. They are assessed using a combination of coursework and exams.

Entry requirements for vocational courses depend on the course and your level of study. Some require no grades, whilst others will require some GSCE passes, particularly if your level of study is equivalent to A-levels or a degree.

A vocational qualification offers a great platform to find your first job, to take on an apprenticeship, or go on to further study. If you know the type of job you want, they are a great way to develop real-life skills whilst you learn. 

Find out more

You can find more information about the vocational qualifications available in your local area by visiting your school or college websites. Individual Learning Providers (ILPs) can also provide vocational courses or training.