We have identified four areas where evidence tells us the North East has a distinct opportunity to improve its economic competitiveness.


Across the North East, advanced manufacturing is globally focused with strong clusters in automotive and pharmaceuticals. We manufacture automotive products including passenger cars, trains and heavy off-road vehicles and a range of parts and components.

Northumbria Uni
Northumbria Uni


We want the North East to be a place of work and opportunity. Today, our region is a fast growing and diverse economy with passionate and skilled people, a high quality location for business and a hive of science and innovation.


With rapid technological innovation, a growing population, and a changing climate, the way we generate and use energy must respond. As the national and international energy agenda focuses on clean growth, there are huge economic, social and environmental opportunities for the North East.

Northumbria Uni
Northumbria Uni

Health & Life Sciences

As global health services and markets are changing and being shaped by rapid development of healthcare technologies – resulting in more personalised treatments and the need to respond to the health and social care implications of an ageing population.