The North East Strategic Economic Plan: Creating 100,000 more and better jobs for the North East economy

Our Strategic Economic Plan

The North East Strategic Economic Plan is our plan to grow and develop the region’s economy. It is an evidence-based response to our long-term economic challenges and opportunities that were identified by the North East Independent Economic Review in 2013.

The Strategic Economic Plan was initially published in 2014, for a ten-year period and demonstrated how we would drive forward a modern, diverse and entrepreneurial economy that was agile in the face of change and that will deliver economic benefit to residents and businesses across every part of the region. The Plan has been refreshed and updated as our economy and the environment in which we operate has changed and our economic base has developed.

Our Plan is a shared plan – we’ve worked with partners from across the region-  there is a shared commitment that the more and better jobs created should deliver a more productive, competitive, resilient and inclusive economy for all.

A strategy based on evidence

We are committed to up to date economic analysis, evaluation and evidence development giving us confidence that the strategy we have set and the programmes of delivery we have put in place are addressing the North East’s needs and opportunities.

Our Economy is our annual update on the current performance of the North East economy and how it is changing over time.  You can read Our Economy here.

The North East Data Hub is an online platform designed to bring together all of the key data about the North East and to provide tools to help residents, businesses, education establishments and policy makers to make use of the data available in a simple way. You can visit the North East Data Hub here.

Key targets

To measure progress of the Plan, we have set six targets. You can look at the targets here.

Delivering the Strategic Economic Plan

The delivery of our strategy is structured around three key pillars:

Five programmes of delivery
That set out initiatives and projects that will deliver the ambitions of this Plan

Business Growth


Skills, Employment, Inclusion and Progression

Transport and Connectivity

Investment and Infrastructure

Read more about our five programmes of delivery here.
Four key sectors of strategic importance
Where evidence tells us our assets and capabilities provide a strong opportunity for growth

Advanced Manufacturing



Health and Life Sciences

Read more about our key sectors here.
Four service sectors
That support the wider economy and offer significant opportunity for more and better jobs in the North East



Financial Professional and Business Services

Transport and Logistics