Building of new rail station at Horden in County Durham.

This scheme will provide a new rail station on the Durham Coast Line between Seaham Station (8.5km to the north) and Hartlepool Station (12km to the south). The station is to be served by the existing services along the Durham Coast line. The station will have two 100m platforms connected by a bridge. Each platform will have a shelter. The station will be served by more than 100 car parking spaces, a bus terminal and a taxi rank, there will also be enhanced access for cyclist and walkers . The station will improve access to employment sites in the Tees, Wear and Tyne conurbations and is anticipated to generate over 70,000 journeys a year and benefit from the introduction of larger capacity trains from 2019.

Project Timeline

Pipeline - 2015
Pipeline stage
In progress - 2016
Start of feasibility and business case development
In progress - 2017
Project approved and in construction phase
In progress - 2020
Project expected to be live mid-2020
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