Strategy, policy and evidence

Our Ambition is that the North East is recognised for innovative, collaborative and action-oriented evidence-based economic policy and strategy


The North East LEP is committed to the ongoing development of the Strategic Economic Plan. It is the framework for a range of other strategic documents and investment programmes including the Local Growth Fund and European Strategic Investment Framework. We work with partners to develop other regional strategies, including those focussed on Areas of Strategic Importance and emerging policy areas such as Trade and Net Zero.


Partners are working together to influence public policy to ensure that the voice and interests of the region are taken into account in UK policy frameworks including levelling up, place and internationalisation.  The North East LEP supports and coordinates a number of policy projects and policy responses on behalf of the region.


It is important that the North East Strategic Economic Plan, regional strategies, policy and delivery interventions are based on a strong evidence base, and that the things it informs are strongly grounded in an understanding of the needs and opportunities of the North East economy and the evidence on ‘what works’. In support of this work, the North East LEP takes a lead role in helping develop and co-ordinate economic analysis and evidence activities on behalf of the region.

Meet the Strategy, Policy and Evidence team
Richard Baker Richard Baker
Strategy and Policy Director
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Paul Carbert Paul Carbert
Economic Policy Coordinator
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Jess Douglas Jess Douglas
Programme Support Officer
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Eddie Smith Eddie Smith
Economic Analyst
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Emma Ward Emma Ward
Research and Evaluation Manager
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