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Annual ‘Our Economy’ event to review region’s economic performance through COVID and EU Exit

An overview of how the North East economy has fared throughout EU Exit and the COVID-19 pandemic will be presented at the North East Local Enterprise Partnership’s annual Our Economy event.

Online event, Thursday 7 October 2021, 9.30am – 11am

An overview of how the North East economy has fared throughout EU Exit and the COVID-19 pandemic will be presented at the North East Local Enterprise Partnership’s (North East LEP’s) annual Our Economy event.

Taking place online on Thursday 7 October 2021, the event will include a discussion of the challenges businesses have faced and the support needed; the impact of changes such as increased home working and shifting patterns of commuting and shopping; and economic evidence showing where the North East economy has been resilient.

Lucy Winskell OBE, Chair of the North East LEP, said: “Everything we do at the North East LEP is informed by data, and each year we publish Our Economy, which brings together  evidence that allows us to review the region’s economic performance over the past year and track changes over the longer term.

“This year, of course, the data will show what the effects of Great Britain’s exit from the EU, and the COVID-19 pandemic, have been on the North East.”

The event will include a panel discussion about the challenges, opportunities and changes presented by the pandemic and EU Exit, with keynote speakers including Nima Beni, Director, Prima Cheese; Roger Kilbourn, Managing Director at drug development and manufacturing accelerator, Quotient Sciences; and Linda Currie, Chief People Officer at Purmo Group, a global presence in the equipment, systems and technology that create indoor climates.

“Through sharing the information in Our Economy with the North East business community, we can work together to position our region strongly for recovery and growth,” added Lucy Winskell.

The evidence provided by Our Economy is used to inform the work of the North East LEP and partners across the region in delivering the North East Strategic Economic Plan – the roadmap for increasing economic growth in the North East.  

The event on 7 October will also include an update on progress towards achieving the aim set out in the region’s Strategic Economic Plan, of adding 100,000 more and better jobs to the North East economy by 2024.

Book a free ticket for the event here. 

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North East Local Enterprise Partnership 2020 AGM 

Businesses will be given an update on plans to build a stronger North East post-pandemic economy at the North East Local Enterprise Partnership’s (LEP) 2020 Annual General Meeting.

Taking place online on Tuesday 24 November, the event will include a welcome from the recently-appointed Chair of the North East LEP, Lucy Winskell.

Lucy Winskell said: “As 2020 began, we were making good progress towards our goal of creating 100,000 more and better jobs here in the North East by 2024.

“However, we know that COVID-19 has hit businesses and communities in our region hard. That’s why we acted quickly to create the North East COVID-19 Economic Response Group with the CBI and the North of Tyne and North East combined authorities, which has recently published its proposal for counteracting this damage and creating a thriving post-pandemic economy.”

The AGM will also include updates on business growth, innovation, skills, transport connectivity, investment and infrastructure in the region, and how businesses are preparing for next year’s EU Exit.

Speakers at the event include Lucy Winskell, Chair of the North East LEP; Helen Golightly, Chief Executive of the North East LEP; and Paul Woods, Chief Finance Officer at the North East LEP.

Lucy Winskell added: “It’s been a tough year but there is still positive news to share as we look to the future of our region and the opportunities we have in sectors including digital, low carbon, life sciences and pharma.”

The 2020 North East LEP AGM will take place on Tuesday 24 November from 9.30am to 10.45am. Book your place here.

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Looking to the future of the North East economy

We all know about the North East’s magnificent heritage, and the engineering feats that once made the region a global industrial power.

But our plan for the region’s future doesn’t rely on the past. Instead, it talks about the strengths we have today, and the innovations which will enable our economy to thrive now and in the future.

Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today: that’s the thinking behind the North East Strategic Economic Plan – the blueprint for creating 100,000 more and better jobs in our region by 2024.

The Plan draws on the strength of our digital and energy sectors, and the work that’s making the North East stand out in health and life sciences, and advanced manufacturing. These are the areas which will drive the North East economy forwards.

Read the North East Strategic Economic Plan.