The North East Industrial Strategy

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The UK Industrial Strategy

The aim of the UK’s Industrial Strategy is to boost productivity by backing businesses to create good jobs and increase the earning power of people throughout the UK with investment in skills, industries and infrastructure.

The industrial strategy is built around:


The North East Local Industrial Strategy

The North East Local Industrial Strategy is an evidence based delivery plan extending to 2030 that is aligned to the UK’s Industrial Strategy.

It will set out how the region and government will work together to maximise our contribution to UK productivity and it will pinpoint areas where we can contribute to the UK’s Grand Challenges and Sector Deals.

How will the Local Industrial Strategy work with the Strategic Economic Plan?

The North East Strategic Economic Plan is the region’s overarching strategy for how we are going to grow and develop the North East economy and create 100,000 more and better jobs by 2024.

The North East Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) is not a replacement for the Strategic Economic Plan (SEP). It is a delivery plan that works with the SEP, that showcases the North East’s differentiating economic assets and industry strengths, which we can develop to boost productivity in the North East.

Higher productivity will lead to better living standards and a better quality of life for our residents and is one of the key targets within the Strategic Economic Plan. The LIS demonstrates the role that the North East can play by using our industrial and research strengths to contribute to the UK’s ‘Grand Challenges’, which will put the UK at the forefront of tomorrow’s industries, around artificial intelligence and a data-driven economy, clean growth, the future of mobility and the ageing society. The North East LIS also sets out our proposed delivery attached to the Five Foundations of Productivity which are set out in the UK’s Industrial Strategy.

Evidence base

We are required by government to publish an evidence base that will inform our Local Industrial Strategy. We intend to publish this early 2020.

How is the Local Industrial Strategy being developed?

A senior regional Steering Group oversees the development of the Local Industrial Strategy.

A number of partners and consultants have been involved in the thinking and development to date.

On 16 July 2019, we hosted an Engagement Summit where over 350 delegates met to hear more about the Local Industrial Strategy and took part in thematic discussions around the context, evidence base and emerging priorities for the specific themes. You can find our more about the Engagement Summit here.

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What funding has the LEP secured for the North East?

We have secured resources for the North East in different ways. We oversaw the development of  successful regional programme proposals to the UK Government to secure three rounds of Regional Growth Fund and Local Growth Fund investment. We prepared the strategy for European Strategic and Investment Funds and have used our resources to develop projects which lever significant additional resources for the North East.

With partners, we have prepared successful proposals for the 21 Enterprise Zone sites which have secured government tax benefits for investor business and will deliver a rolling investment fund over time. We have also secured resources from other sources for specific projects aiming to take forward aspects of the SEP, for example the Gatsby Foundation have resourced the regional project to improve careers advice and support and Horizon 2020 funding was secured to develop our engagement with European innovation platforms.

Where can I find agendas, minutes and papers from LEP Board meetings?

All minutes and agendas from board meetings are available here.