Skills, employment, inclusion and progression

Driving economic growth through our workforce

Why is improving skills important?

Improving skills in the North East workforce is fundamental to our economic future, underpinning our aim of driving an uplift of 100,000 jobs by 2024, and ensuring that the majority are ‘better’ jobs. The changing structure of the economy requires an effective response from early years to higher education.

We also aim to close the employment rate gap by 100% against the 2014 UK rate (72.1%), by 2024. 

Our vision is to create a fully integrated employment, skills and health system that is tailored to the specific needs of the area.

What is our vision for 2024?

Our long term vision is that the North East is a place where:

  • Individuals, regardless of age or employment status, have a good understanding of the employment opportunities available in the North East and the pathways to access them. 
  • Employers have strong links with education and training providers leading to provision that meets local needs. 
  • All partners understand the importance of skills in improving productivity and living standards, with commitment to delivering good working environments for residents.

The North East Strategic Economic Plan lays out the challenges and opportunities we face, and how we will work towards achieving this vision.

What will we deliver by 2021?

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