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As global health services and markets are changing and being shaped by rapid development of healthcare technologies – resulting in more personalised treatments and the need to respond to the health and social care implications of an ageing population – the North East offers a unique environment for innovation in health and life sciences and medicines manufacturing.

Our combination of skills, physical assets, capabilities and networks can support the delivery of the UK’s response to this challenge through the ongoing development of our key capabilities and their strategic co-ordination.

These include excellence in the quality of care and a focus on health innovation and partnership between the health system, science and business.


The Newcastle
Institute for
Ageing comprises
a network of over


of biological sciences research at Newcastle University was rated 4 stars in the Research Excellence Framework 2014 meaning it is world-leading.


Between 2008
and 2018
North East institutions secured
from the Medical Research Council.

Ongoing infrastructure developments at Newcastle Helix and NETPark in County Durham continue to support the growing Health and Life Sciences sector in the North East.

The North East has also participated in six Science and Innovation Audits covering topics including health innovation and bio-economy.

Since the publication of the SEP in 2014, new STEM College facilities have been supported in South Shields, Wallsend and Ashington.

Driving the North East Health and Life Sciences manufacturing industry are:


Sector Deal and Grand Challenge programmes

We have strengthened links to Industrial Strategy priorities through the Life Sciences Sector Deal and Grand Challenge programmes. Projects contained and outlined in the Health and Life Sciences plan have been presented for investment into the Sector Deal process, and partners have made proposals to the Grand Challenges. We are awaiting the outcomes of these proposals.



SmartMed is a project supported by the UK Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership. The North East LEP is working with the Centre for Process Innovation and partners to enhance support for smart and intelligent packaging of medicines, smart medical devices and drug delivery. It will benefit the healthcare system and patients by changing models of delivery in personalisation and reducing medicine waste.


Great North Care Record

A UK-leading initiative to share medical information across the region amongst authorised health and social care practitioners. It will ensure that health care activities such as diagnosis medications, hospital admissions and treatments can be improved for both patients and the health system. Collaboration with the AHSN will develop the project to deliver stronger benefits to the region.

The North East Health and Life Science Plan

Developed to secure growth and investment through commercial and public application of our ageing science asset base.


Excelling in health and life sciences

The North East is a unique environment for health and life sciences and medicines manufacturing. We have excellence in quality of care, health innovation, working with companies and internationally recognised specialism in ageing and age-related diseases.

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Responsible for development of the North East Strategic Economic Plan and the North East areas of strategic importance along with strengthened coordination of North East partners in the context of the Northern Powerhouse.

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